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Black and white services is a Philadelphia region brand creating and offering affordable personal style for men using quality materials and well-crafted products. It was always the base concept to apply the creative energy of both the urban & suburban lifestyle that was drawn from the experience of living and working in this area. No bracelet is approached without consideration artistic visual aspects and whether the design conveys a story appropriate to the wearer. This has always been the goal of key designer, Ertell M. Whigham, III.

All of our bracelets are handmade using the finest materials. Working with local companies is one of our main priorities to support our local artisans, customers and community.

We get our inspiration from art; the creative energy of individuality and our natural surroundings of nature and construction associated with city habitation. We follow current trends closely so to assure to bring you great choices of men’s fashion accessories. We can create your own personal bracelet for you, with your preferred stone, accent piece, and color design. See it as your own “personal” limited-edition artisan designed bracelet!

Black & White Services uses a lean business model to create and offer high quality bracelets for people of great taste. Allow our artistic designs to accent your sojourn each day!

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