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Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel-Blkwhiser

Stainless steel is strong, durable and rust free. Tipically it looks like sterling silver but unlike it won't scratch, dent or corrode.

Benefits of Stainless Steel in Jewelry:

  • stainless steel jewelry is known to be long lasting and durable
  • stainless steel jewelry does not tarnish
  • most people find they have no allergies to stainless steel jewelry
  • stainless steel jewelry does contain some nickel but it is still considered hypoallergenic
  • stainless steel jewelry is much more affordable and in many cases looks exactly like sterling silver
  • stainless steel jewelry resists scratching
  • stainless steel jewelry is super easy to clean-all you need is warm water, ABSOLUTELY no jewelry cleaner
  • stainless steel jewelry is great for wearing at the beach or playing sports
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